Management Policy

LIDERCISTER provides road transport services for solid bulk products, basing its strategy on the continuous improvement of the company, with the goal of guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers and all interested parties, acting safely with people and goods and respecting the environment.

In this sense, we assume the following commitments:

      Comply with the legal, regulatory, normative and other requirements, applicable to road freight transport, the environment, road safety, food safety, health and safety at work and public safety;
      Comply with and enforce LIDERCISTER's internal code of ethics and conduct;
      Comply with the requirements agreed with the client and other interested parties, assessing their needs and managing their expectations;
      Ensure the availability of resources (employees with the appropriate skills, vehicles and facilities suitable for the service, among others);
      Define objectives, processes and methodologies that guarantee adequate conditions for road safety, food safety, public safety and health and safety at work, protect the environment, guarantee the quality of the services provided and preserve the products transported from possible risk of contamination;
      Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and health conditions, that also contribute to road safety;
      Prevent the occurrence of accidents and occupational diseases, eliminate hazards and reduce safety and health risks at work by assessing the risks associated with our activities, implementing actions and promoting the practice of safety-based behaviors (BBS);
      Consult workers in decision-making regarding safety and health issues at work (and, where applicable, workers' representatives);
      Promote the participation of employees in matters of safety and health at work (and when they exist, workers' representatives);
      Ensure the protection of the environment, through the prevention of pollution, control of atmospheric emissions, prevention of spills of product, oil and fuel and the proper treatment of waste;
      Raise awareness among employees and partners so that they act responsibly in accordance with aspects related to the environment, food safety, road safety and safety and health at work;
      Implement procedures to reduce road accidents as well as deaths and serious injuries resulting from these accidents;
      Promote the communication of non-conformities (complaints, incidents, accidents, spills, contaminations, ...) and ensure that these are investigated and actions are taken to deal with them;
      Monitor the system performance data, with regard to quality, safety and health at work, road safety, food safety and the environment;
      Implement procedures related to the prohibition of alcohol and drug consumption;
      Ensure the protection of employees' personal data;
      Monitor and continuously improve the efficiency of the management system, in order to improve its performance in terms of quality, environment, road safety, food safety, health and safety at work and public safety;
      Disclose and make the Management Policy available to all employees and relevant parties;

The Management Board of LIDERCISTER commits to periodically review its Management Policy, evaluating and updating the objectives, in order to guarantee its effectiveness in contributing to the process of continuous improvement.



Santo Isidro de Pegões, May 4, 2021
The Management board